A new baby. So Pure. So Unique. So Special. A new soul coming to life.

In these special moments, everything that is love, that is honest, and pure in life is reflected right here in this new little person.

For me as a newborn photographer, photographing newborns is more than just taking photos. For me, I want to connect with you and your precious new baby. I want to celebrate their uniqueness. And, I want to create for you beautiful pieces of art that you will enjoy and will last a lifetime. Capturing the spirit of this new little soul that is coming to life.

All that I do is centred around the baby that I am holding in my hands. I am guided by your baby and what I feel is right for them. I always take my time with newborns and work in with what they need. During this time, I want you to feel completely relaxed and enjoy your session without feeling overwhelmed.


My newborns sessions are normally held in the comfort of your home. It is a lovely relaxed morning very much centered around how your little baby is feeling and allowing for plenty of time for feeding and cuddles as needed. You don’t need to worry about a thing.


How to book

If you love what you see here on my website and you would like to make a booking, please either phone me on 0412 630 702 or by completing the Contact form here on my website. 

Mary Wheatley Photography
Ph: 0412 630 702